Beach Town

(verse 1)

it was here and gone in a flash

never knew three months could go that fast

i was so damn wrong 

midnight jumping in the water 

i didnt think that you could get hotter oh

you proved me wrong 


(pre chorus)

we were like oh oh oh 

tearing up the road with the drag top down

oh oh oh 



in that beach town baby,

everything is boarded up

and ill be going crazy 

replaying the story of us

but that july summer sun was shining 

dripping off your body like diamonds 

had me tripping out but im smiling 

oh oh oh 

with that red rose lipstick on my lips

taste you could never quite resist 

had me burning up like lighting 

oh oh oh 

but everything is closing down 

and youre leaving now 

i think ill stay right here

in this beach town 


(verse 3)

polaroid pictures on the ceiling 

had me hanging onto that feeling

of what i felt for you 

the tide comes and it goes just like our love

down that road

too good to be true 


(pre chorus)

we were like oh oh oh 

meet me in the middle of a streetlight glow

oh oh oh we were shutting it down 

oh oh oh