Stronger Than Your Love


wine is fine but it reminds me of a happy couple kissing 

beer is cheap but its for sipping and shotgunning 

and if we're being honest 

i wont be doing either 

champange might really be hitting the spot 

but i aint celebrating, id rather do shots oh 

jack and tennessee are looking at me 

and im looking at them back

whiskeys a lot stronger and whiskeys going to last longer

than your love 


(verse 1)

before the situation got all complicated

this used to be the space where we fell in love

everything was cool everything was going great

until you went and fucked it up 


(pre chorus) 

oh and i was never one for 

shooting them straight, you made me that way 

now i got you and kentucky 

ill be adding to my list of mistakes 



(verse 2)

so go out with your new blonde

go and get your drink on 

but stay away from my side of this town

i know you know my car

and i know you know this bar 

is going to be where im hanging out 


(pre chorus)

oh and i was looking at mixed drinks 

until i saw your face 

walk through the door 

now i got my priorities straight 

im on round two, three maybe four