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Mess Me Up

(verse 1)

i could be the one that you call

when youre lonely and its late 

i could be the one that you run around with

if you want it that way 


(pre chorus)

when the lights go down 

and the neons bright 

youre holding that beer youve been sipping all night

think how it was with my head on your chest 

last cigarette kiss burning your lips 



pick me up 

oh get in your truck 

ill wear the dress you like 

you know im all about it 

call me up 

you got my number so baby dial it

light me up 

this fire weve got no it aint stopping 

mess me up oh oh 

come on boy mess me up 


(verse 2)

i could be the one who youre looking to find 

in every crowd

i could be the one that youre forgetting to forget

trying to drown out the sound 


(pre chorus)

but when you hear my voice 

in the middle of the night 

stuck in your head boy 

locked in your mind

think how it was with that heartbeat sound

baby now this ship is sinking down