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(verse 1)

ive tried jack, straight, going out every weekend

a mess, a wreck i dont care whos seeing 

youre gone you left me to pick up the pieces 

on our floor 

(verse 2)

ive tried stars, a quarter, even a 4 leaf clover

to me it seems our luck is over 

a wish wont fix you walking out

that door 

(pre chorus) 

you said you needed closure

so ill keep my composure 

wont make it like the last time when we tried

to call it off



im hungover, from your love

im hungover, its not good enough 

you say you miss me

then you kiss her 

i find out through the pictures 

ive been nothing but stone cold sober

but im hungover 


(verse 3)

and so i drive the kind thats supposed to clear your head

but all i feel right now is worse than when i left

the sunlight is too bright im holding on to something 

pre chorus



we're a toxic disaster thats waiting to happen

you made me feel drunk although i hadnt been

the high the high was so damn good 

but now it hurts it hurts more than it should 



Heart Like Mine

(verse 1)

if you broke a heart like mine 

youd set the record for the darkest night

if you broke a heart like mine 

the prettiest diamond would never shine 


(pre chorus)

well ive never stepped in a fire

but if i did you would still be hotter than that

and ive never drowned underwater 

but if i did it would feel like that 



if you broke a heart like mine 

they would hang you up in the heartbreak hall of fame

nowhere you could run nowhere you could hide

everybody would know your name 

youd set a new low youd be a new cold

mr famous for breaking promises 

id be fine but youd be running for your life 

if you ever broke a heart like mine 


(verse 2)

youd be the definition of reckless

itd be like showing up to your birthday

but your name isnt on the guest list 


(pre chorus)

well ive never drove off the highway 

but if i did you would still be faster than that

and ive never been hit by a freight train

but if i did it would feel like that 



there would never be another 


youd never find another 

oh x4